350 Slides, Negatives or Photos Scanned

350 Slides, Negatives or Photos Scanned

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Got your favorite pictures spread out among slides, negatives and print photos? No problem! Combine your images in any ratio you like and we'll do the rest.

  • Get up to 350 assorted slides, negatives or photos scanned.
  • We send you a pre-addressed UPS tracking slip.
  • Your slides, negatives and photos are stored on a CD.
  • We ship everything back to you safely.
  • Buy now and take up to 6 months to send us your images.

Preserve Your Images for Life
Your slides, negatives and photos are all that remain of those special moments you captured on film. A lost or damaged photograph can be reprinted but a lost or damaged slide or negative is gone forever. PhotoBin preserves all of your images forever by giving them a digital makeover. Digital pictures can be stored forever and easily shared with family and friends.

Rediscovering your old pictures is a blast

Sure, there were some fashion faux pas along the way -- those '70s mutton chops were a bold choice -- but that's the really good stuff in life. You might be surprised at what you'll find on those old slides, negatives and photos. And, it's a blast to remember the people and places that made your life what it is today. The scanning of older images is a key component for photo gifts and video/slideshow projects: summer weddings, school graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and family reunions.

Do-it-yourself scanning is a pain

A flatbed scanner can do a decent job of scanning your print pictures, but they don't scan slides or negatives well or maybe at all. Even if you could find the right scanner to do the job, you'd be spending your nights and weekends scanning them one by one. PhotoBin's specialized technology scans your slides, negatives and photos quickly and stores them onto a CD saving you hours of frustration.

Slides, Negatives and Photos Fade

Unless you have museum quality storage vaults and know that your slides, negatives and photos were all produced on the highest quality material and processed with stable chemicals, you should seriously consider scanning your images now.


Expiration Date: Oct 15 2013 12:00AM
Redemption available one business day after purchase
To redeem voucher go to http://www.photobin.com/photo_store/mixpics350/cantonrep
Scan up to 350 combined images of photos, slides and/or negatives to digital format.
Photos stored on your choice of a CD or DVD. 
$109 voucher valid for Mix Pics 350 only.
Photos (3x3 up to 8x10) scanned to 300 dpi, Slides (35mm, 110, 126 and 135) and Negatives (35mm/135 and APS) scanned to 1000 dpi. 
Only one voucher can be used per order. Vouchers cannot be combined.
Shipping & handling is not included in price listed.  S&H fee is $14.99 for all 48 contiguous United States.  Additional fees apply to Hawaii and Alaska.  International shipping is not available. 
No refunds. All sales are final.

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